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L.A. Film Locations Gallery

Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s commercial filmed in the Sheldon Building – 2020.

Super Bowl Commercial for Kia with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler filmed at our Irwindale Speedway –  2018.

Vroom commercial filmed at Parkway XVW & M Auto 2 – 2020.

Oroweat Whole Grain bread commercial with a cameo from John Stamos filmed in Siegel Park –  2020.

Farmers Insurance commercial featuring Ricky Fowler that we did at The Oaks Club – 2016.

Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light filmed at the old Borax building in Valencia, which is now known as the Kaiser building – 2009.

America’s Best commercial filmed at our Yuki retail center property – 2017.

Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi Max featuring Paul Rudd and Michael Peña filmed at the Rockefeller Building.

Comercial del Super Bowl para Pepsi Max con Paul Rudd y Michael Peña filmado en el edificio Rockefeller.