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Santa Clarita | Valencia

CalArts has a beautiful campus that features a sprawling five-level, 500,000-square-foot building in the center of campus—equivalent to 11 acres of square footage—which houses six schools. Construction started back in 1969 and subsequent additions and renovations have occurred. Multiple buildings, a new fire road, cafe, music lab, a 2 story multipurpose facility for both classrooms and mechanical equipment/storage. A new bridge structure connected them to existing buildings.

The Art Building is a newer single-story 7,494-square foot Art Building project consisting of 16 individual student art studios, a clean-up area, coffee room, IDF room, as well as a large main studio with large clerestory windows, motorized window shades and fabric ceiling panels at the sawtooth ceiling and an exterior metal staircase.

The Generator Building is a two-story building with ground level mechanical equipment/accessory storage area and upper level with two classrooms, six faculty offices, and a conference room. A pedestrian bridge for easy access to the main campus building is also included.

This campus also includes a modular theatre. It is an indoor performance space located on the property. The modular theater is based on a concept that the ideal theater could be reconfigured for each and every new performance or play. This modular theatre remains one of only five in the world. The chief feature of the theater is a segmented floor, divided into 348 4’x4′ square platforms, each mounted on its own independent pneumatic pistons, allowing the floor to be reconfigured into whatever shape is desired. The theater is also composed of segmented pieces, so that walls can also be easily reconfigured, creating a virtually limitless number of possibilities in design. The theater is two stories tall from floor to ceiling—the pneumatic pistons reach another story down, where they are a dominating architectural feature. There are doors on all sides of the theater so that the audience can be made to enter from whatever direction the artists choose.

This location offers several different theaters, classrooms, hallways, multipurpose works, offices, dining area, a vast array of exterior spaces and so much more. It is not available all year round. Summers and school breaks are best but this client is open to considering all potential shoots. Please call L.A. Film Locations at 661.253.FILM (3456) to schedule a scout for your next film, television, commercial or still photography project.